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Valuation of intellectual property rights. Intellectual assets

The value of industrial property rights, in particular trademarks, patents, rights to utility models and industrial designs, may be assessed as the so-called company intellectual assets. This opens up completely new possibilities for companies, in particular in terms of tax optimisation, creating new sources of income or securing liabilities.

The S&P Law Firm draws up expert opinions in terms of estimating the value of intellectual property rights including trademarks, patents and models/designs. Each valuation is prepared by a team of specialists comprising a patent attorney, a financial analyst, a legal adviser and an expert auditor. In professional practice we follow international valuation standards (including IVS 101, IVS 102 and IVS 210), accounting standards and principles of best practice in accounting.

Expert opinions drawn up by our Law Firm may be presented before tax authorities, courts or financial institutions for evidence- and transaction-related purposes.

Maciej Priebe - Trademark and patent attorney

Today, the obtaining of trademark or other protection is merely the first step towards ensuring that one can effectively manage and enjoy industrial property rights. An equally crucial measure for an enterprise to carry out is to have its IP rights appraised accurately. The valuation involves a number of steps performed by a team of experts comprised of a patent attorney, a legal advisor, a certified auditor and a financial analyst. The team issue a report which may be of use in further work, such as in optimizing the company’s taxes or assessing the license fees due for the use of a trademark.

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