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Trademark watching

Each month more than one thousand trademarks are registered in Poland. This number is several times higher in the European Union. The skyrocketing increase in the number of new trademarks poses a real threat to previously granted rights, in particular due to the possibility to mislead consumers and the so-called dilution of protection, i.e., erosion of recognisability and individual character of a trademark caused by the existence of similar trademarks.

The S&P Law Firm offers professional monitoring of the market of the IP rights, including trademark watching. We use modern computer software which allows early notification of the appearance of conflicting trademarks. It is, therefore, possible to take appropriate measures before a particular conflicting trademark is granted protection or to file an objection or a cancellation application. The service of trademark watching may also serve as a source of information about competitors’ dealings. Our Clients receive reports containing information on names and logotypes of products and services which are often not available on the market yet.

Maciej Priebe - Trademark and patent attorney

The 2015 and 2016 amendments to the Industrial Property Act have empowered the Patent Office  to register a new trademark despite it being similar to or identical as another currently protected trademark. As a consequence, it has become critical to keep continuous track of any new applications and, should a conflict occur, appeal to the Patent Office, which is endowed with the authority to effectively block the registration of any conflicting trademark.

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