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Protection of trademarks, logos and brands

A trademark is a word, a drawing, a logo, a colour composition or even a tune. A trademark is a distinctive feature thanks to which the consumer is able to clearly identify a particular product or service among competitors on the market. It is, therefore, very important for individualisation purposes. A trademark is a part of company intellectual assets whose value is often times significant. A trademark may be subject to protection in Poland, in the European Union or elsewhere around the world. Trademark protection lasts 10 years, but it may be renewed in subsequent 10-year periods.

Scope of services:

Our Law Firm offers comprehensive trademark-related services. We provide our Clients with assistance throughout the entire procedure pertaining to the protection and management of trademarks, taking into account the specificity of the Client’s industry. Typically, this procedure comprises the following stages:

  • trademark research in Poland, in the European Union or elsewhere around the world,
  • application for trademark protection in a selected country,
  • trademark management, including trademark watching in Poland, in the European Union or elsewhere around the world,
  • valuation of trademarks,
  • legal advice and assistance in the event of a conflict of rights or a trademark infringement.
Hubert Sommerrey - legal adviser / managing partner at the S&P Law Firm

Before a trademark is afforded actual protection, a number of decisions must be made with respect to both the geographic and the substantive scope of protection as well as the trademark classification. An application that is flawed and that, for instance, calls for an excessively broad scope of protection, may cause problems, including the loss of protection or having the protection denied by the Patent Office. It is therefore advisable to have a person who is knowledgeable and experienced in the field of industrial property rights walk one through the process of acquiring protection.

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