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Protection of new technologies, innovation and design

Nowadays the economy is based on know-how, innovations and new technologies which translate into competitive advantage and allow businesses to increase their profitability. It is, therefore, of utmost importance that such essential elements be properly protected. Protection – depending on the subject matter – may take place by acquiring a patent for an invention, a utility model protection right or an industrial design right acquired through registration. The acquired right allows for exclusive use of a particular solution for a period of 20 years (in the case of inventions), 10 years (in the case of utility models) or 25 years (in the case of industrial designs). To be granted protection, the solution must meet a number of requirements, including the requirement of being new on a global scale.

Scope of services:

The S&P Law Firm offers legal and technical assistance in the protection of inventions, utility models and industrial designs. We provide our Clients with assistance in particular in:

  • consultations and patent research whose aim is to determine whether a particular solution may be subject to protection,
  • drawing up application documents to be filed with a competent patent office and dealing with the procedure until protection is granted,
  • management of inventions and designs/models, including watching of rights in Poland, the European Union and elsewhere around the world,
  • valuation of patents, utility models and industrial designs,
  • consulting and assistance in the event of a conflict of rights or an infringement of a patent, a utility model protection right or an industrial design right acquired through registration.


In particular, we offer assistance in the following industries:

  • pharmaceutical,
  • biotechnological,
  • chemical,
  • mechanical.

We cooperate with specialists from various fields of science as well as law firms around the world, providing our Clients with support in proceedings before the Polish Patent Office, the European Patent Office, the United States Patent and Trademark Office and offices in other countries.

Maciej Priebe - Trademark and patent attorney

New innovative products require not only protection in the form of e.g. patents, utility model protection or registered rights to industrial designs but also adequate professional management. Proper action, including the continuous monitoring of rights and the competition as well as rights valuation, will increase the value of any developed products and help protect them more effectively.

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