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Litigation. Combating unfair competition

Awareness of entrepreneurs in terms of possibilities to execute their rights rises together with the dramatic increase in the number of applications for the protection of trademarks and other IP rights. Trademark protection right goes beyond the ® symbol as each industrial property right translates into the exclusive right to use of a particular solution or designation and to claim damages in the event of an infringement.

We provide our Clients with assistance in the case of infringement of IP rights and in combating unfair competition. We focus primarily on amicable and effective solution of disputes. We also manage disputes before:

  • the Polish Patent Office,
  • Administrative Courts in Poland,
  • Common Courts in Poland,
  • the OHIM Board of Appeal and
  • offices and courts in other countries.
Paulina Sommerrey - legal adviser

On the other hand, failure to prevent the infringements of IP rights, including trademarks, may result not only in losses associated with unfair competition but also in weakening the brand and, as a consequence, having one’s rights voided on the grounds that the distinguishing features no longer exist. It is therefore essential to manage one’s rights properly by, inter alia, enforcing them if and when violated.

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